Discover the secrets of the sea
Theme park about the sea and shipping,

fish and fisheries!
Discover the secrets of the sea in words and in pictures in the theme park SEAFRONT. Taste the rich history of our fisheries, from fisherman to auctioneer, in the unique setting of the former real fish market. Experience coastal tourism, past and present, and dream away at the rich collection of miniature ships and North Sea shells. Discover from a to z the vibrant life of our international seaport Zeebrugge. Finally, imagine yourself the tough captain of the lightship West-Hinder, or even better, a marine in an authentic submarine! Almost real!
Interactive fishery expoThe interactive fishery expo takes you into the wondrous world of fish and fisheries. From the sea to the shore, from fishing to auction.
Discover the rich supply of North Sea fish, from the boat right onto your plate. Enjoy!
Fun for the little onesPirate Island and ball pool.
Submarine and lightshipDescend into the hold of the 100m long Russian submarine and experience how oppressive life was on board.
Don’t forget to visit the West-Hinder lightship also, which has until recently been a bright red lighthouse on the North Sea.