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IN FLUX, 'Festival of Image and Imagination'

During the Summer of 2024, the festival IN FLUX will debut at five locations in Zeebrugge.






Photography Festival
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The festival showcases both photography and visual works that are linked to the broad theme of Transition. This term refers, among other things, to the challenges related to climate and migration, along with their enrichments and complications. Transition aligns nicely with the port as a hub for transportation, and with the medium of photography, which is constantly evolving both technologically and conceptually. IN FLUX presents the work of photographers and visual artists, a collection exhibition focusing on image manipulation in early photography, and the work of the Photo Art students from the Academy Bruges DKO. They approached this in a documentary-associative manner, starting from stories of the residents of Zeebrugge, which converge into a captivating network of storylines.

-Summer 2024: From June 15 to July 28

-Opening hours expo: Thursday – Sunday, each time from 10h to 17h

-Entrance fee: 7 euros, Catalogue: 5 euros, combi ticket with catalogue 10 euros

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