Theme park about the sea and shipping, fish and fisheries

SEAFRONT, located in the Old Fish Market of Zeebrugge is closely linked to life at and around the North Sea. Get to know the wonderful world of the sea and shipping, fish and fisheries. Taste the rich history of fishing, experience the coastal tourism of the past and the present. Follow the fish from the sea to your plate or make a good deal at our fish auction. Fascinating for young and old!

Seafront Maritiem themapark


North Sea Treasures

NEW! Expo 'North Sea Treasures'
in collaboration with WWF

Venture beyond the coast line and discover our breathtaking North Sea with her surprisingly clear water, a rich benthic life, impressive fish, sea mammals and birds. How well do you know our rich biodiversity? Join us in our search for hidden treasures and learn how to protect them. Will you come with us in the sea?

Oude visveiling Zeebrugge

Industrious fishermen

The war is over and you walk into the first fish market of Zeebrugge. Here, you experience the rich fishing history in word and image: the old fishing songs, pictures, models and videos witness the hard fishing life. In a real-like scenery you can see how the fish was unloaded and sorted in the “bennen”, while the auctioneer keeps an eye on everything.

Flemish fishermen in the picture

Flemish fishermen in the picture

In this interactive exhibition you can follow the fish before he arrives on your plate. Learn about the wide range of fish in the North Sea. Seize the opportunity at the fish auction and make a bid yourself using the auction simulator!

Discover the stories of the people behind fisheries in this interactive exhibition. From sailor to shipowner, from fisherman’s wife to scientist… they all tell their most amusing, touching and exciting stories. Don’t forget to have your picture taken afterwards with the person of your choice.

Zeebrugge wereldhaven in beeld

Harbour at twelve o' clock!

It cannot be denied that Zeebrugge is a harbour city. While entering Zeebrugge, the visitor is immediately confronted with the busy harbour traffic, the enormous cranes and the many container and cargo ships. In the harbour centre, you can experience this interesting theme from close by.

Operation North Sea 1944-45

NEW! Operation North Sea

Zeebrugge also suffered during the two wars that set the world on fire. Learn more about it at the exhibition Operation North Sea 1944-45. Relive the forgotten but important Battle of the Scheldt. These stories should never be forgotten. With a nice family trail.

Kids are boss!

Kids are boss!

Make an expedition under water with a crazy sea-car, take a refreshing dive in the ball pool or enjoy yourself on Pirates’ Island!