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Zeebrugge is sometimes described as a hidden pearl on the coast: far away from mass tourism and full of authenticity. On the site of the old fish market you can still feel the working-class atmosphere of the past. But Zeebrugge is more than history. It is also the fish capital and has the largest fish auction in the country. Besides the picturesque beach with its pristine dunes, you will find an international port in full development. Zeebrugge is a place of contrasts.

The maritime theme park Seafront is located in the middle of this, with the buildings of the old fish market as its home base. Seafront is the reference theme park about the sea and shipping, fish and fisheries. Its great asset is the great variety of themes: the North Sea, fisheries in the past and today, the harbour of Zeebrugge, the Belgian navy, war history… Everyone will be interested, young as well as less young. The greatest attraction, of course, is still the real Russian submarine. This steel monster of nearly 100 metres long was still operational during the high days of the Cold War, but is lying in the yacht-basin of Zeebrugge since 1996. The iconic lightship West-Hinder can be visited as well. With its bright red lighthouse it is an indispensable part of the Zeebrugge skyline.

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