A discovery at and
around the harbour docks

Immerse yourself in the inspiring scenario during your visit to Seafront. Discover what the building has to offer in the various sub-zones.

Exploring the horizon in Zeebrugge

Seafront will host an exciting temporary interpretation for several years, buzzing with activities and creativity. It will become a dynamic and inspiring meeting environment with small and big events for young and old.


What we do

Seafront offers beautiful spaces, optimal service, and a unique location by the water of
Zeebrugge’s old fishing harbour. The historic building from 1934 possesses everything to take
you on a very energetic and imaginative expedition through the fishing story.

By taking simple measures, we give valuable new purposes to residential and commercial
areas, contributing to the harbour of tomorrow.


The place for
today & tomorrow

The residents of the temporary setup are the first participants in the development project. This will become a pleasant meeting point for residents, visitors, and businesses.


Various sports activities

At Sportkade, you'll find Seafront Boulder and FitForm. Always wanted to get moving and stay in top shape? Then you're in the right place.

Seafront Boulder is the first bouldering hall on the Belgian coast. It features a large bouldering hall as well as a fully adapted kids' zone where young climbers can fully indulge themselves. At FitForm, you can enjoy a 30-minute workout to become a fitter version of yourself in no time.

Live and challenge yourself at Sportkade


Pop-up shop concepts

Marktoever is an amazing location with possibilities for fun shops. It’s the perfect spot for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services to a large and international audience.

At Marktoever you’ll find several lively shops such as Lin-Art and Kaai55, must-visits when strolling along the Seafront promenade where you can explore and shop in peace.

Marktoever, your shopping experience at Seafront

Your event at Zeebrugge’s quay


The place for foodies

Zeebrugge’s old fish market sets the stage for Foodfront. There are still a few free spots along the Seafront promenade! Are you on the lookout for a top location to start your hospitality business? Look no further! Situated in the heart of the Belgian coast, Seafront is a popular tourist destination and the ideal place to establish your restaurant.

An event in sight? Port Blue is a brand new event venue with a beautiful view on the marina of Zeebrugge.

Foodfront is the place for foodies and gourmets


Business hub

Hall 4 of the old fish market received the name Handelskaai, currently hosting 2 major partners.

Welcome to P&J Chocolates, an utterly delicious shopping experience featuring chocolates, artisanal ice cream (in summer) and a variety of charming chocolate gifts. The shop is exclusively open when a cruise ship is docked. Cruise alert! On these dates (https://cruiseschepeninzeebrugge.be/nl/cruisecalls.html), you can admire the monstrosities of the sea. Seafront is within walking distance of the cruise terminal. An amusing additional attraction.

The force of Renewed happiness

In early December 2023, we were pleased to welcome Kringwinkel ‘t Rad as our newest resident. Second-hand is mainstream. Circular economy takes the centre stage in this brand-new second-hand hotspot.

Kringwinkel is a pioneer in circular economy and social employment. A fresh style and forward-looking future make Kringwinkel entirely future-proof. The slogan ‘Renewed happiness’ refers to the joy of reusing. Because the world needs fewer new things. Reuse. Rewear. Reread, relisten and enjoy again. The only new thing Kringwinkel offers, is a new future, for objects and people. That’s the power of renewed happiness.

What we do

We’re currently looking for a suitable new purpose for the old restaurant, a building with a distinct character, high ceilings and an atmospheric mezzanine offering a beautiful view of the water.

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